vw t5 roof kit ply only offer

swb or lwb

this is for lwb os swb t5 t6 

ply set only please be confident in the task, instructions below

full one part roof system ready to suede

easy bond system designed no joining strips

this sits as direct replacement to original roof , you can fix in side sets with bonding , this slide 1o mm under  cab liner so no strip required, when fixing overlay surround it gives yo a 70cm channel around the roof set allowing you to use as a hidden  cable area 

after applying the adhesive to the roof sections we push the roof and bond into position

after 24hours apply the halo set with spacers these can be fixed into position with 15mm screws

the work above is done after you have covered roof sections

this is a fully bonded system , , we recommend stikaflex or similar , along the roof beams , prop and leave overnight , the outer perimeter is fixed via fixings into the roof sets 

packers for lighting if required please advice us as too many options , we do not just assume so if not asked we wont provide 12mm-18mm 24mm depending on lighting 

roof sets can take up to six weeks but average is two weeks