Important information , 

A quick memo to confirm we build our beds in accordance the British standards. info below it is a bit of a read but should answer any questions for you 

All our Kids Beds are built to be the ultimate in comfort bunks they are for an of age 6+ for sleeping in the top and 2-3 years on the bottom as uk standard requests this age for the top bunk , infinity customs we cannot monitor or prevent or be responsible for different usage of our beds only advise .

Safety is as important a consideration here as comfort is when your child settles down for a good night’s sleep all of our beds are build above and beyond the levels required .

We have never used oversized openings or oversized open slat systems on the sides or bottom , the slats we use are ikeas certified bed slats where mattresses sit ,
We try to prevent as many problems and issues as we can keeping your children safe as we can , even down to drawers in stairs as we feel they are not safe this is our opinion , also as a parent common sense always should take place too 

Regulations that cover the design and construction of bunk beds are far more stringent than they used to be and bunk beds must comply with strict British safety standards. They are now required to be completely rigid and stable, and it is important that a mum and dad who is self-assembling a newly bought bunk bed follows the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter or they are installed by our trained technical staff if they are from our selves .

Guard rails on the top bunk must now, by law, be on all sides of the bed, as there have been serious accidents and even fatalities resulting from children who have slipped out of the top bunk and become trapped between the bed 

Guidance concerning mattresses used on the top bunk is very specific when it comes to Health and Safety. A mattress on a top bunk is required to fit firmly with the top of it being at least 10cm below the top of the guard rail. We fall within these guidelines aiming to give a service you can trust 

The beds are not designed for children under these ages especially under 1 year old they should still be in cot beds not bunks .

Even themed beds are purely designed for sleeping in not jumping and bouncing on ,again once in your home we cannot monitor how they are used .

We will always advise and go beyond and do our best to help any questions about our beds or products feel free to message us

Our paint is water based and non toxic lead free provided by Johnsons