Please check our lead times before ordering ,staff training friday 16th july shop closed

DUE TO COVID-19 our times are estimated around 4-6 weeks on SOME products not all due to getting our supplies in like most since april 20 covid seems to have taken its toll so some items can be slightly longer where using other materials to create your products .

Once items are with a courier they cannot give any delivery times due to the volume of shipments our usual next day and express services have been removed , some do land within a day or so but again it depends on package size.

we average 1-2 weeks but at high volume times it can be up to six week plus , so please take this onboard before ordering that it could be a six week tern around time , Do not turn up at the workshop unless agreed we cannot help you , covid 19 regulations for business.

this is also clear on our page to see